Call For Artists! Apply now for the 2020 Shelter in Place Artist Residency

Shelter in Place (SiP) online residency program is looking for visual artists who are also community organizers for a 6 week online artist residency. This residency is an opportunity for visual artists whoa re also engaged in political activism to support each other’s growth in the studio and support the larger work of building power and liberation.


Applications are due by 11:59 pm EST on Friday, June 12, 2020.

Please contact Mo Kessler for more information.


June 22 – July 31


Shelter in Place (SiP) Online Artists Residency program announcing its Call For Artists for our first 6 week residency session running from June 22- July 31. The application deadline is Friday, June 12th. All applicants will be notified by Tuesday, June 16th.

Shelter in Place (SiP) online residency is a project born out of both the reality of this moment and a long desire to build community among artists who are invested in community organizing and the struggle for justice. Too often the study and institutionalization of art is stripped of its potential for political power and just as often in movement spaces art is viewed as a tool in service of a campaign and not as a source of power in itself. My experience as an artist and a community organizer is that there are few opportunities where I can exist in both spaces, few art spaces that are accountable to the community and few organizing spaces that value the full breath of the studio practice. SiP is invested in filling that gap by creating a space for artists to find support for both their individual studio practice and their community work.

This residency is fully online and will utilize a variety of online platforms for viewing, discussing and sharing art works made during the duration of the residency. The participating artists of the residency will participate in on-line pop up shows, virtual artist talks, peer to peer support, and collective strategy sessions. Each participant will receive a small, one time stipend.

Recognizing the importance of art to any political liberation movement, this residency is meant to build support around artists whose work extends from the studio to their communities.

Any additional materials participants need should be acquired or purchased by the artist.


SiP Online Residency offers 6 weeks of:

  • Peer to peer support and feedback
  • SiP artists presentations
  • Online pop-up shows
  • Community discussions on building power, solidarity economics and studio practices.


Strategy Session Mondays

Every week SiP starts with a group check in. This check in includes updates on current work, requests for support, sharing any community news and a facilitated discussion on topics solicited from the group. The intention for this group is to create a space where politics, strategy and art meet, where we are collectively stretching our imaginations on what is possible and how to get there.

Show and Tell Wednesdays

Each week a SiP artist in residency has the opportunity to give a studio walk through or an artist talk. These talks will be recorded and shared on SiP social media and website.

New Sh*t Friday

New Sh*t Friday is SiP’s online pop up show, where each week SiP artist’s have the opportunity to present new work, get feedback and take part in a online gallery opening.

Optional Book Club

Space for collective learning and deeper discussions, optional book club can be set up to meet the needs of those interested.


Mandatory Fun Day (MadFunDay) is exactly what it says it is. Risk and trust are tied together; the more trust we have in each other, the bolder the risks we will take together. This is why carving out time to enjoy each other is vital for our studio practices. Like all the other sessions/workshops of this residency, this group will be led by those involved. What the fun is will be determined by the resident leading the activity and the accessibility needs of the group.


We will be utilizing FaceTime, Zoom, Google Drive, YouTube, and other social media sites, whatever forms of communication works best for the group.


Application deadline is June 12th, all applicants will be notified by Tuesday, June 16th. 

Residency Requirements:

  • Experience in Community Organizing or activism
  • Practicing Visual Artist, (Any medium)
  • Availability to engage in weekly online events
  • This residency prioritizes Southern artists but is open to all artists of any region.
  • 6-8 artists will be selected for this first residency with the goal of opening it to more artists in future iterations.

This program is currently being self funded and is tied to my own language barriers, as it is now this is not a residency equipped for language justice, limiting it to English speaking. As this residency grows and access to funds increase it is our goal that this space becomes as accessible and inclusive as possible.   


There is no fee to apply. If you are chosen to participate, your residency will be completely free and you will receive a small, one time only, stipend.