2020 Residency Show

Visit the galleries below to see work from our first round resident artists.

Aambr Newsome

Aambr Newsome is a Visual Artist, Illustrator, and Muralist, who specializes in reshaping and curating a new African American experience by exploring and shifting Black History through the lens of Art Therapy.

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Bud Ries

Bud Ries is a painter and printer who lives in Knoxville, TN. His current artistic practice focuses on on signs, typography, and collages.

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Ellen O’Grady

Ellen O’Grady creates zines, minicomics, and other sequential art, often focusing on incarceration, Palestine, or the environment.

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Jared Hamilton

Jared Hamilton is an Appalachian-born documentary photographer and filmmaker. His identity as an Appalachian person heavily influences his my work. Jared spent years photographing folks who wanted to escape capitalism by living closer to nature.

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Nia is a queer, black, self taught visual artist living in Baltimore City. She hopes to break the cycle of silenced emotions, and to create moments where feelings are present, raw, transformative and valid.

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Nifemi Ogunro

Nifemi Ogunro is a sculptor and furniture designer reclaiming the historical and cultural impact Black people have had in the design world

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Rachel Trusty

Rachel Trusty is an artist, curator, and educator originally from central Arkansas. Their research explores the Queer Abstraction art movement.

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2020 Resident Galleries
Aambr Newsome ~ Bud Ries ~ Ellen O’Grady ~ Jared Hamilton
Nia ~ Nifemi Ogunro ~ Rachel Trusty